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What Makes Sense Only in our Heads

American artist, Oliver Hibert, is a self-taught artist based in Scottsdale, Arizona concentrating in bright-colored, trippy-surrealist, paintings, illustrations, 3D projects, graphics and even, (wait for this, so exciting), …….. music! Other than the brilliant use of saturated colors, Hibert caught my eye. His art is familiar, yet unfamiliar. We see images of women’s bodies, but the placement of body parts is disarranged. We see flowers, but they are some alienlike type that don’t exist. We see skin and faces and eyes but they’re just… different. Combining visuals of nature that we know and experience everyday, with psychedelic textures, colors, and abstractions that are unrealistic is what consistently had me scrolling through his stuff. I’m unusually connected to these concepts. Like they don’t exist in the real world, but they exist in my head and make perfect sense to me. That’s hard to achieve as an artist.

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