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What does an everlasting vibe sound like? Just ask Herzeloyde.

Herzeloyde - lazyhazycrazydaysofwinter

Herzeloyde - Querencia ft. Jeska

Herzeloyde - Sunny Drive (Patrol Trippin)

Ah yes another great example as to why Soundcloud is one of the greatest platforms. Today I’m happy to share and give the spotlight to the one and only Herzeloyde. His real name is Reyjah and he’s hails from Melbourne, Australia. Reyjah’s earlier work was definitely dub-step driven, but as you can tell from his soundcloud history he seemed to chill things out over the years and create some everlasting vibes. I’ll get this out of the way now and say, YES you can tell he’s influenced by Mr. Carmack, but let’s be clear, he has his own twist that distinctively gives him a unique sound. Now that thats out of the way, just enjoy his vibez and definitely keep your ears out for more Herzeloyde. I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from him over the years and I’m sure he will gain a lot more SC followers as well. (1,511 at the time of writing, lol)

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