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Weekend Recap

This update is for everyone that shut down all their devices/internet and disconnected with the world over the weekend. Nothing is wrong with that at all, but we’re here to keep you updated on what’s going on in the vibe community.


To start off, Soulection‘s AbJo dropped his White Label, which is nothing short of FIRE!

AbJo - Selecta!

Listen to the entire release and download it for freehere.


The one and only aywy. released an ill collab with an MC by the name of D.B. I just gottta say the production really shows aywy.’s musicality and his ability to break away from just making a vibe, but to expanding into incorporating a vocalist/rapper. Definitely looking forward to more from him.


aywy. - Cocaine Ft. D.B.


The internet is powerful tool. I know most of yall know that, but what happens when musicians from South France and LA collab? Well nothing but a track full of life and levels all from our fam Aei and MIKE T.!





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