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Truth Painted on Milan Hrniazović’s Canvas

Serbian-born surrealism painter,Milan Hrniazović, uses ideas of realism in figures and combines them with fluid lines and shapes  to creative a cohesive composition that literally circulates the entire cancas. Naturally, the audience is attracted to features from faces and bodies at first glance. But after a few glances on the more realistic part of the piece, our eyes follow a whole new rhythm – one more mimicking the state of nature, maybe a flowy stream, or the branches of trees swaying in the wind. The concept of human nature intertwined with physical natural world around us has always been something that has captivated me because it involves us humans into the world around us and reminds us that yes, we are all of the same world and same manner.

Not only does Hrniazović’s work display this concept, but touches on a more personal level we all experience: relationships. In his series, “Together yet apart” (most of these works are from that series, more of which you can check out in the link below), he displays the underlying chaos of love. “Distortions and scattered parts of their bodies are not only a result of an artistic expression – they aim to reveal drama and despair behind the shinny illusion of love”, he says. As a society, we often highlight the good parts of relationships, making sure to let people know that “hey my love life is going great!”, afraid to admit the ugliness of love. Hrniazović paints the truth of love on one canvas, the good and the bad, the stuff we don’t want to admit.

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