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There’s a new world in Rage Logic’s sound

Alright so I was in the middle of posting “chrome”, so excited about the new find, that I didn’t give myself a second to listen to other tracks. But now that I am… I’m falling in love with each one of them. How many sounds can be in a track? Rage Logic managers to keep each tune fresh with their up-beat, deep-bass, sound, but every one is different from the other. I swear, not one second do I get bored with the track because there are so many elements added in every few seconds, and the sounds are so different from eachother. You have a heavy bass, paired with a high note on cowbell, with soft vocals… then jazz???

This is why I never know what to describe this genre – it’s literally everything in one – all sounds in one. It’s random sounds paired together strategically to get you hype… that sounds classy, but nasty. Even the description of the song is “idk”, yeah… I don’t get how this works so successfully. Forreal, but it’s dope dope stuff. And all their stuff is original, not sampled. Check these dudes out.

Rage Logic - chrome

Rage Logic - platinum

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