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The everyday life of Laura Callaghan’s models

Laura Callaghan is a Irish illustrator specializing with ink, pen and watercolor mediums. Many of her illustrations depict women of different races, shapes, and styles living an everyday life. As a woman (though I’m not as cute as these ladies in her illustrations), I relate to her and her art. I can see myself through her characters in her illustrations, and for the viewer to respond and relate to an artist’s work, that’s important.

Callaghan’s illustrations are very distinct and I also think that’s very important for an artist, yes, but especially for an illustrator. Illustrators’ styles depend on use of line, color and depiction of features. Callaghan is very consistent. I feel like I could spot her work from a mile away.

Stay in the loop with Callaghan –Tumblr – Flickr – Website


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