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Clara La San - Nineteen Twenty (NeguimBeats Remix)

This track is so smooth I really don’t understand how anyone can NOT agree with me. But then again, I’m pretty stubborn about my music. If I think something is good, I push it into people’s faces. And well… yeah that’s what I’m doing with y’all, but I know you will agree with me on this one! Brazilian producer, Jose Kigo, is a 21 yr old artist simply doin’ this thang for fun, no money involved. In fact, you can download it here, (or donate), and not only the sond, but the entire compilation. That’s love! He’s also a part of Darker Than Wax, which is one of my favorite labels. All the artists on there produce depthy-bassed out music that’ll make you wanna fall in love with the world (which is right up my alley, y’all know that). Highly suggest y’all check that out (here).

This is that real music.

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