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Rick Stevens’ introduction to another realm of painting

Rick Stevens! This man has incredible talent of translating expression on a canvas through color and texture. I love that ripply effect he creates with his brush (or pastel), and his colors are almost other-worldly. I rarely see bright vibrant colors like this in a painting/drawing, and if I do there may only be a few, but Stevens uses an entire rainbow’s worth of hues and unifies them so beautifully!

Has a great Gustav Klimt feel to it. His “layout” of his paintings, if you wanna call it that, starts with landscape… but turns into something way more universal. It’s crazy to see his transformation into the style that he paints today. Looking at his stuff from the 90s he painted more realistic landscapes, though he still used the same vibrant, pastel color palette he does now. Wasn’t until the early 2000s that he started focusing on the more flowy, inner-perceptive style. Proof that as an artist, your experiences and perceptions in life affect the type of work you put out. One never can know which direction you’re going in and what it will lead to.

When looking at his pieces, you just don’t see a field and trees. You see a “continuous flow of shapes and patterns of energy that has, or more precisely is, an intellegent force”, in the words of Stevens himself. What do you take away from this?

I see it as works of art we are all a part of. The fluidity of his stuff pulls us in and invites it to be a pa rt of its nature.

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