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Oswaldo Guayasamín

I don’t think I’ve ever found an artist that has captured me as quickly as Oswaldo Guayasamin did. I saw one of his pieces and it intrigued me… so I went through his gallery, which you can check out here, and my eyes started watering. Maybe it’s because I’ve been extra emotional lately (lol) but his work really captured me. Especially the paintings with mother and child; the way her arms are wrapped around her child and the warm colors integrated together so beautifully… There’s something about his work that allows the audience to dig deep with him. It’s not a separate artist vs. viewer, or arist > viewer, but artist + viewer together. I felt like I was with him when he made these pieces. The other  solo black and white ones also captured me in the same  way though they are composed completely different. The small details on the man’s fingers, the way he dissapears into the background… all of these elements allow me to get lost in what I’m looking at. My eye travels from one detail to the next, to the empty background, back to the foreground.

I’m getting carried away but this is true inspiration for me! I really advise you to check out his other work. Automatically one of my favorites.

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