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Opiuo – On Your Side ft. Russ Liquid

Opiuo - On Your Side ft. Russ Liquid

I’m too excited to share this one with y’all. Heard it two minutes ago and thought to myself, “I can’t wait for other people to vibe to this with me.” Honestly, knew it was going to be a gem in the first few seconds, but I had NO IDEA where it was going to go. Crazy transitions in this song, from Russliquid’s smooth R&B vibes to Opiuo’s jazzy dub… it’s smooth all the way around. The artists give the listeners everything we wanna hear, even though they have different styles, both play off eachother beautifully. Really one of my favorite songs of all time.

So damn funky!

But really, first thing I wanted to do was share this song. How dope would it be seeing em live and jammin to it outside in an open lawn with a huge crowd of people? I can feel the love.

Get the rest of the album, Meraki, here.

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