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LMC x Wayvee – Suddenly (Stay Gold EP)

LMC x Wayvee - Suddenly

Fresh offa LMC’s EP which came out last night, called Stay Gold. And this EP, this track…. this shit’s GOLD! The switchups in this track tho?? Crazy! Just when you think it’s about to fade off, the beat is slowed down and picked up again! That’s what I call taking the listeners on a journey with your music, never know what’s coming.

Don’t only listen to this track, but check out the whole thang here (it’s free!).

The 18 year old producer has put together an EP with a real eclectic sound – there are some airy sounds on there like Ridin’, then there are some Abella Anderson, which incorporates hip hop lyrics. Really appreciate all these collabs. It shows how much the artist is down to exploring making new sounds with people who have a different style to add to the mix, (especially on this tune cause Wayvee is one of my favorite producers).

But what I found interesting about the whole EP, that stays consistent through the whole thing, is every track, not matter the overall beat, is smooth as hell! And again, it’s always switched up, which adds so many components to one track. Many components in one track, many tracks in one EP = a story that needs to be listened to.

And those 808s tho…. those 808s!!! Much love fam.

Stay in the loop with LMC  – Soundcloud – Facebook – Twitter

Stay in the loop with Wayvee – Soundcloud – Facebook – Twitter

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