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Get Pulled in like Sinking Sand

king henry - NBG

New tune by king henry!! You know I’ve always loved those songs that start off nice and slow, without many layers, and as the track progresses, gets deeper, bassier, depthier, with more added variety. Personally, I think those tracks involve the audience in with the music the most because we’re able to see the process of growth within the levels, almost like we’re side-by-side with the artist and the  development. Exactly what this tune is for me, it builds up throughout and slows you down for the end. Exactly like a story in a movie or novel, it takes you through different phases, pulling you in from the beginning and letting you off slowly towards the end. It just feels complete.

Not only that, but the overall sound of this track, especially in the end is so captivating. Has that cultural, ethnic feel to it. Really reminds me of home lol… and the more I listen to it the more I love it. The more you listen to it, the more you feel like depth in it.

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