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Dope stuff by Howie Lee, from one continent to the next

There are some days where you’ll spend hours and hours searching for a solid song with rich layers and diversity yet unity within it and it’s just not comin. Then there are other days where literally the first song you click on is enough to last you throughout the whole day. This is one of them. This is the fourth track from Howie Lee’s EP, Eastside Sampler Series, and let me tell y’all that all of the tracks are equally as hype and delightful. Producer Howie Lee’s background is Chinese but he was brought up in the UK, and you can definitely see that mix within his music. He takes UK’s underground, future, bass sound and intertwines Chinese melodies. As for this track itself, when that drop happens… I was just speechless. One of the most beautiful and unique drops I’ve ever heard. Then the rest of the song follows the same awesome direction. Take a listen for yourself.

You can download the track for FREE here and check out the rest of the EP here.

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