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Don’t judge a painting by its cover

What do you see? Look closely. New York artist, originally from Switzerland, Chrissy Angliker makes us question our perception of realism and its relation to real life imagery. Is it abstraction? Or is it simply Angliker’s perspective of the world around us? Artists translate their image of an object, our world, or their thoughts into the outside world through a medium on a surface… Angliker challenges that concept by taking something so ordinary, like a set of beach chairs, and displaying that on an abstracted canvas.

What’s interesting is that with her work, I immediately know what the subject is. I can easily identify if there’s a bunch of people by repeated circles, or a bunch of lawn chairs by the horizontal lines. Her work is so expressive and compact, that it genuinly surprises me that I can identify the subject so quickly. You ever seen those examples of a bunch of letters mixed up in a word, but the first and last letter are always the same, allowing a person to still easily depict the word? Even though it’s all tangled up? This is exactly what it reminds me of.

Lastly, it’s so always intriguing looking at the creative process. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks as if  she paints off a real photograph, and when she paints the first layer, it’s much more realistic than the outcome. Which means there are many more layers on the more realistic layout, which are added on to get more expressive. Interesting huh? Start out with the realism, layer on the masks and ambiguity.

There are plenty more works by Angliker that follow a different theme and style. Check em out below.

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