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Dirg Gerner – Window

Dirg Gerner - Window

This dude not only has soul, but he can create some incredible vibes that can set that right mood every night! When I first discovered Dirg Gerner’s music I was bugging out because he’s not on the radio. His distinct vocals in combination with the simplistic yet refined production, work extremely well together. I view things in a very random manor and when I hear certain songs of his I picture myself in a minimalist/elegant house and its just me and my girl, candles are lit everywhere and it’s about to go DOWN! I have so many music video visual vibe ideas for some of his songs. With that said I have to really commend him on his song writing abilities and vocal control. You can feel the emotion he’s trying to convey through each song, which makes it that much easier to relate to.
When I think of a minimalist home I think of this:

Whenever I think of minimalist music, I’m going to think of  these songs and his EP:



Minimalism to me is simple, easy to take in and fascinating.

Dirg Gerner’s 6 song, self titled EP is available on most major digital stores. Check out his site for more details.

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