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Danilo Omwisye’s vibrant journey

Meet Danilo Omwisye. Though he’s an artist currently in Brasil, he travels all over the world to exhibit his street art and paintings. Mostly focusing on remote villages, he uses his paint to bring people together to embrace the one universal thing that will forever be present around us: art. Through vibrant colors, animals, nature, and abstract forms, he creates powerful messages that link us, as a humanity, to our world around us and to all living beings that coexist among us.

Omwisye really stood out to me because he spreads his vibrant art, (literally, his stuff is bold, bright and full of energy) in places of poverty. Places where there may not be much art around for people to enjoy. He’s about spreading the love through art, which is the same message we’re about as well.

He also does much other stuff other than street art, such as paintings and graphics. Check out his stuff below. Much love to this dude!

Source here.

Stay in the loop with Omwisye –TumblrFlickr

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