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B.Visible’s EP is Chaos

B.Visible - Chaos EP

New EP by B. Visible was just released yesterday and it’s been on repeat ever since. I admit, I don’t really listen to projects in their entirety, mostly because I’m too impatient (it’s something I need to get in the habit of doing though)… but this gem right here, from Catch to Sunset, I let run all the way through.

There’s so much energy in this EP, and various eclectic sounds that you don’t here anywhere else. He gives us the housey vibes, heavy electro, disco dance, videogame sounds, hip hop beats, etc. followed with catchy heavily repeated lyrics that create unique beats. Not only is the EP a journey as your travel song by song, but each track  is truly is an experience all in itself. Take “Sunset” for example: we’re presented with a mellow, smooth beat but suddenly it changes up on us towards the end of the track when we least expect it. B. Visible slows it down then speeds it up with the nastiest hitting beat! Damn, that must be my favorite part in the whole EP. Full of electronic soul. Then just ends, haha. Gotta love it man.

This is the first part of Austrian-producer B. Visible’s EP series. You can get it here. ‘Order’ is soon to be released. Damn, I cannot wait for what’s to come!

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