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aywy. – Naked + VV Teaser

I came across aywy. while exploring the wonderful world of soundcloud one night. I first came across his heavy EP, 808s & Sade: Vol. 1, which is a remix EP of Sade’s album “Diamond Life”. Definitely recommend you check that out. As I browsed some more I came across Naked and I instantly became a fan. He did a helluva job capturing a vulnerable moment and turning it into something magnificent. This song to me ignores the physical mindset of being naked, but more so focuses on the spiritual side. Truly being vulnerable spiritually with someone and shedding all of your layers is not easy to do and I think he captured all of that through this song.

I enjoyed this song so much that I worked it into a Visual Vibez, which will be the first one for 2014. Can’t wait for you all to see it, but for now, enjoy the teaser below. Also get the song from here.


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