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Afarin Sajedi, as women really are

Upon looking at these pictures you immediately start thinking why, what, who? What’s going on in these women’s lives? Why do they look the way they do? Why the hell do they have fishes on their heads? Some expressions solemn, some of pure torture, and some… at peace. Each work has its own story, that is displayed through the expression of the woman. Iranian artist Afarin Sajedi was born in 1979 in Shiraz. Though she recieved a degree in Graphic Design, she is a strong and expressive painter, one of the most relatable I’ve ever come across. The use of  small brushstrokes make her paintings that much more lively – the texture encourages the idea of naturalism and un-edited beauty and the color is so vibrant and detailed, like you can see every pore, shadow, freckle, and blemish that exists.Her paintings are huge, so you can see every detail up close too, even better. Usually these human “additions” are seen as ugly, but in this case, I’m breathtaken. This is a woman, before the photoshop and Instagram filters.

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