Visual Vibez is a collective of volunteers focused on giving artists the spotlight they deserve. We are concentrating on establishing collaborations, continuing to build a supportive creative community and reflecting the change we aspire to see in the world. With our new initiative, Selfless, we’re reinventing the way people can discover new music and sow into the art/music community simultaneously. The only way to change the world, is to start with our communities.

Quick Faqs


We do everything out of love for the arts and the creative community…..seriously. So many artists are caught up in their own projects, that some forget to give back into the creative community. We’re simply giving up some of our time and skills to invest back into the creative community. The focus is never on us, but on the creatives and artists worldwide.

Who are we?

We’re proud to say that we’re the selfless organization of the creative industries. We each have our own jobs, personal projects and endeavors, but we volunteer our time and creativity to better our communities through Visual Vibez. Everything we do and everything we stand for is about supporting other creatives.

Where are we from?

The Internet.

What we won't and don't do.

  • We won’t lose our creative integrity for more publicity, money or exposure.
  • We don’t highlight artists that have to ask for it. We prefer to keep everything natural and organic. (No submissions, please and thank you!)
  • We don’t have a hidden agenda, other than to continue to give artists the spotlight they deserve.

What is Selfless?

Selfless is a month long campaign where musicians donate songs to raise money for an art/music based non-profit or charity. Following the month long campaign, the song will only be available to stream, unless you can find it elsewhere online. 🙂

How much does the non-profit/charity actually get?

The non-profit/charity receives 100% of the profits, aside from paypal/credit card/money processing fees. We don’t actually touch the money at all. We’ve partnered with a cool company by the name of Gumroad, that literally makes it simple  for us to direct funds directly to the non-profit/charity.

Why give a choice to download for free or purchase?

We wanted to give people an option to either download their favorite song or support the non-profit because we believe everyone should be given a choice. By just downloading the song your showing support for an independent artist and from purchasing the song your supporting a non-profit that pours back into the creative community. Either way, you’re blessing another and for that we’re grateful.

How do I stay updated with new releases, project, etc. ?

To stay updated please follow us on any of our social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google+.  We have thought about setting up an email system, but the cost would be too much at this time.

How can I help or join?

We appreciate anyone that’s interested in spreading our movement or the artists we highlight. If you’re truly interested and ready to take an even bigger leap and contribute time, work, skills, or talents, by all means let us know.

There is only one rule, if you say you’re going to do something, do it.

We don’t make excuses, we make it happen.